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One idea to pay off student debt: use your retirement account

by Justin Ho Dec 5, 2019
Senator Rand Paul wants to allow people to use retirement accounts to pay off student debt, tax- and penalty-free.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Check Your Balance ™️

FAQ: What’s the best strategy for maximizing Social Security?

by Samantha Fields Oct 16, 2019
Does it change if you’re single or married?
Richard Summers, Flickr

How retirees cope when their savings are at the mercy of the markets

by Janet Nguyen Aug 26, 2019
Market volatility and the possibility of a recession have affected some retirees' financial decisions.
Many retirees have savings tied up in the stock market.
AleksandarNakic/Getty Images

Investors have been piling into gold this year

by Justin Ho Aug 21, 2019
Gold prices are up sharply since the start of the year. Part of that is the market turmoil, pushing investors toward safe havens. But it’s also gotten a lot easier — and cheaper — to invest in gold.
Gold bullion bars and coins.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Why banks are doubling down on wealth management services

by Justin Ho Jul 23, 2019
For big banks, loans and stock trading are becoming less reliable sources of income.
A flag flies outside the Bank of America Corporate Center in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina.
Davis Turner/Getty Images

Scammers are targeting retirement savings. Here's how to fight them.

by David Brancaccio and Redmond Carolipio Aug 14, 2018
Con artists are zeroing in on the retirement savings and other assets of an aging population, some of whom might already be suffering from cognitive decline.
iStock/Getty Images

Waiting out a down market may be tough for workers headed toward retirement

by Erika Beras Feb 9, 2018
All that advice about taking a deep breath, focusing on the long term and not obsessing about the balance in your retirement accounts as the markets take a wild ride sounds a lot better when you’re not headed toward retirement…

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Is the Trump administration leading an "anti-retirement savings movement"?

by David Brancaccio Nov 1, 2017
There are flaws in our retirement system, but GOP changes could make it worse, one expert says.
David McNew/Getty Images

How America's retirement savings system needs to change

by Janet Nguyen Sep 29, 2017
Putnam Investments' CEO has some ideas for making defined contribution plans more relevant.
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Individual retirement accounts aren’t attracting enough of the right individuals

by Reema Khrais May 2, 2017
IRAs were created to give people without employer-sponsored retirement plans a tax-free incentive to save.

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