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A "new" periodic table shows Earth’s rapidly diminishing elements

Jan 24, 2019
A new chart shows elements sorted by quantities left on earth rather than weight.
A "new" periodic table of elements based on how much of the element is left on Earth.
European Chemical Society

In oil-bust Venezuela, buying diapers on the black market

Apr 4, 2016
A journalist with a baby visits his diaper connection.
The barrios of Venezuela. 
Scott Tong/Marketplace

Why having "too little" can focus the mind

Sep 3, 2013
Harvard economist Sendhil Mullainathan has written a book called, "Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much."

Questions and answers about end-of-life care

Jul 21, 2010
Today and yesterday on Marketplace, we ran a set of stories about end of life care. Yesterday, we looked at the economics of dying. Why is it so...