Protesters rally against foreclosures on Puerto Rican families affected by Hurricane Maria, outside the offices of TPG Capital, Dec. 20, 2017 in New York City. The activists claims that TPG Capital's mortgage service companies are aggressively foreclosing on families in Puerto Rico after many people were displaced from their homes following Hurricane Maria.
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Puerto Rico’s debt crisis hits the territory’s schools

Jun 6, 2017
Schools around the country are beginning to close down for the summer. But in Puerto Rico, many schools, almost 180 of them, will not reopen in the fall. The mass closure comes as the commonwealth faces an ongoing economic crisis and tens of billions of dollars in debt.   Click the audio player above to […]

Puerto Rico debt battle heads to federal court

May 4, 2017
Puerto Rico owes bondholders more than $70 billion, and it’s going to court to try to get its debts rescheduled. On Monday, a stay on lawsuits against Puerto Rico’s government expired, so bondholders sued. The island’s governor announced yesterday it was seeking court protection under Title III of the PROMESA Act, a bill passed last […]

Championship baseball is a welcome distraction for debt-ridden Puerto Rico

Mar 22, 2017
The final game of the World Baseball Classic is tonight, down the road at Dodger Stadium. The United States made the finals for the first time, and it’s playing against a team that’s close to home: Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican government bought ads to promote tourism during the game. The island could use a […]

Puerto Rico debt plan calls for austerity, public spending cuts

Mar 14, 2017
On Monday, Puerto Rico's financial oversight board approved a new debt plan.
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Puerto Rican debt could help swing Florida

Aug 15, 2016
Puerto Rican voters in Florida, fleeing recession and debt, could be a key demographic this fall.
More than a million Puerto Ricans live in Florida.
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Puerto Rico's debt could hurt a response to Zika

May 9, 2016
Stopping the spread of the virus requires funding — something the debt-ridden territory has trouble providing.
In the U.S., health departments are preparing to contain the spread of Zika virus with a response that includes educational materials like the pictured literature. But U.S. territory Puerto Rico is struggling with its own preparations, given its massive debt.
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For public good, not for profit.

This Puerto Rico default is different

Apr 29, 2016
Puerto Rico is about to miss an interest payment on the most secure level of bonds.

Puerto Rico's tricky repayment plan

Jan 1, 2016
Puerto Rico is using some tricky accounting to meet its debt obligations.