The looming L-pocalypse

Jul 26, 2016
Hipsters beware. New York is suspending train service from Brooklyn for 18 months.
Commuters board the L train.

Flooding, closures and electrical meltdowns: the nation’s worst public transit systems

Jun 22, 2016
The metro system in Washington D.C. is facing a slew of infrastructure issues lately, but it’s not the only public transit that needs some major TLC.
An empty New York City subway car in 2005. Cities all over the country are still struggling to address the infrastructure issues of aging public transit systems.
Michael Nagle/Getty Images

Can art triumph over developers in this coastal city?

Jun 2, 2016
Los Angeles hopes to solve its traffic jams with a new rail, but what about Santa Monica's art?
A view of a light-rail station in Santa Monica, California.
Lisa Napoli

LA's expanding Metro system is part of a nationwide transit overhaul

May 27, 2016
Can cities adapt, expand, and maintain their public transit systems for a new era?
Trains arrive at the Downtown Santa Monica station. 
Eliza Mills/Marketplace

In Boston, just getting to work is a job in itself

Feb 24, 2015
This winter's record snowfall has hobbled the city's mass-transit system.

Cheap gas could cut into transit ridership

Jan 30, 2015
Mass transit providers are concerned that ridership numbers will dip.

Kroger store tries to shake off 'murder' moniker

Nov 26, 2014
In Atlanta, a case study in rebranding and how transit can reshape a neighborhood.

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School transportation cuts still affect families

Aug 21, 2014
Some districts that cut bus service during the recession haven't brought it back.

Pop-up bus service looks to reinvent mass transit

Jul 3, 2014
A Massachusetts start-up uses data to create faster bus routes.

On a bus to nowhere

Apr 16, 2014
Many Silicon Valley homeless take "Hotel 22" bus for hours every night.