How liberalism should adapt to the needs of the 21st century

Apr 25, 2018
A conversation with Zanny Minton Beddoes, the editor-in-chief of the Economist.
Numerous national flags are seen in front of the United Nations Office (UNOG) on June 8, 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland. 
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Immigration is front and center in Netherlands election

Mar 14, 2017
Dutch candidate Geert Wilders wants to close mosques, ban the Koran and leave the EU.
Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch PVV political party, speaks at a conference of European right-wing parties on January 21, 2017 in Koblenz, Germany.
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Davos opens as worries over free trade’s future mount

Jan 16, 2017
Business and political  leaders descend on the Swiss Alpine resort of Davos this week for the latest annual World Economic Forum. They do so against a backdrop of rising populism, and opposition to some of things that Davos has promoted, like globalization. Some critics have attacked the event itself as elitist and blamed it for […]

Italy's referendum may reflect populist backlash

Dec 2, 2016
Disgruntled Italians could bring about political upheaval in the weekend vote.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel greets Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi upon his arrival for talks with European leaders at the Chancellery on November 18, 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

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Global trade, economic populism and politics

Apr 22, 2016
Marketplace's Tracey Samuelson weighs in on how big trade deals impact people in day-to-day life
A container ship from China Shipping Line is loaded at the main container port in Hamburg, Germany.
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'Thaksinomics' tries again in Thailand

Nov 28, 2013
What's been the impact of populism in Thailand?