What you need to know about Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation

And what happens when the PEUC program expires at the end of the year?
People lining up to file unemployment claims in Calexico, California, in July.
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States are telling some people to pay back unemployment benefits

Oct 7, 2020
People around the country have received overpayment of benefits notices, and are facing the prospect of having to repay some or all of their unemployment benefits.
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As offices stay dark, what's happening to lunch spots?

Aug 31, 2020
“New York is being emptied out. And you can feel it at the store level.”
A worker walks past an outdoor dining area in New York on Aug. 10.
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This fall, back-to-school may block back-to-work for many parents

Aug 18, 2020
Working parents with schoolkids at home due to COVID-19 should be eligible for federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. But that's not working out for some.
Parents with children at home due to COVID-19 are supposed to receive aid from the CARES Act. But it's not working for a lot of working parents.
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Republicans have rolled out a COVID-19 relief bill. Here's what it includes.

One major difference from the Democrats' bill is a sharp decrease in the amount of money for pandemic unemployment assistance.
Despite having a bill, Senate Republicans themselves remain divided on issues of spending and policy.
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Republicans weigh options for pandemic unemployment wage replacement

Jul 24, 2020
One idea for replacing the current $600-a-week benefit is paying workers a percentage of their past wages.
Senate Republicans have delayed introducing a COVID-19 relief bill.
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Pandemic unemployment benefits have kept people spending

Jul 23, 2020
Economists say the additional $600-a-week benefit has boosted the whole economy and contributed to job growth.
A person fills out an unemployment benefits application. The addition of $600 a week has enabled many Americans to keep spending and support businesses.
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Some unemployed workers must prove they're looking for jobs to get benefits

Jul 22, 2020
States had suspended the requirement in the early weeks of the crisis, but some have now brought it back.
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Expanded COVID-19 unemployment money is helping millions of workers pay their bills

Jul 9, 2020
The extra $600 every week is set to run out at the end of this month.
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