PODCAST: Spying on your Yahoo video chats

Feb 28, 2014
According to documents, Yahoo webcam chats were intercepted by a British security agency.

Can redditors influence lawmakers?

Feb 11, 2014
Internet companies work to influence Congress... again.

The NSA loves Angry Birds

Jan 27, 2014
The NSA stoops to new depths

Which spies scare you more?

Jan 17, 2014
The NSA announcement is sucking up a lot of the oxygen today. But what should we be more worried about: the government holding data – or the likes of Target?
A couple of shoppers leave a Target store on a rainy afternoon in Alhambra, California.
Frederic J. Brown

President Obama scales back NSA surveillance

Jan 17, 2014
In a speech today, President Obama spoke about changes to the NSA's programs. He called for an end to the NSA holding on to call data and aimed to find a balance.

What tech companies want from Obama's NSA proposal

Jan 16, 2014
How tech companies want President Obama to restrict the NSA’s data collection and spying.

The NSA has new ways to see inside your computer

Jan 15, 2014
The National Security Agency has been able to access computers that are not connected to the internet for at least five years.

For public good, not for profit.

Why does the NSA spy?

Jan 15, 2014
The National Security Agency says it never shares intelligence with US businesses. Or does it?

Do Americans even care about Obama's NSA reforms?

Jan 3, 2014
There's evidence that revelations of National Security Agency data-collecting has changed online behavior of Americans in minor ways.
This undated photo provided by the National Security Agency (NSA) shows its headquarters in Fort Meade, Md.
NSA via Getty Images

The Edward Snowden effect: Tech in 2014

Jan 2, 2014
Our technology reporter Queena Kim looks at how the tech industry will respond to the news about NSA surveillance.