Nordstrom Rack has famed retail name straddling two worlds

Jan 22, 2024
Being the off-price outlet of a brand known for high-end goods isn't always a recipe for success, experts say.
Shoppers line up for the grand opening of a Nordstrom Rack in Colorado.
Tom Cooper/Getty Images for Nordstrom Rack

At a tough time for department stores, new Nordstrom goes big

Oct 23, 2019
The new Nordstrom is emphasizing services as much as apparel.
A rendering of the seven story flagship store.
Image courtesy of Nordstrom, Inc.

Nordstrom goes small with "Local" stores

May 20, 2019
It's about square feet and making moves away from malls.
A tailor alters clothing at the Nordstrom Local shop in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Retail rebound is now: Sales predicted up 4.5 percent over last year

Aug 15, 2018
Major department stores report their earnings this week, starting with Macy’s on Wednesday, followed by Nordstrom and J.C. Penney on Thursday. After a retail slump and slide over many quarters, Americans are coming back to shopping, and the numbers show stores are enjoying the trend. Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 
Department store sales have been declining.

Nordstrom releases its earnings today as it looks to boost in store purchases

May 17, 2018
The plus size market will see more options for them in the brands they want

Retailers rethink physical stores as online shopping grows

Dec 19, 2017
Retailers are shrinking stores and making them more interactive to make them more attractive to customers.
Nordstrom Local opened in Oct. on Melrose Place in West Hollywood, California. 
Courtesy of Nordstrom

Will ordering less inventory help department stores this holiday season?

Nov 9, 2017
The holiday season is approaching, and there are reports that department stores, including Kohl’s, Macy’s and Nordstrom are ordering less inventory. After a year of declining sales and foot traffic, these retailers don’t want piles of unsold stock eating into their profits. But are they risking empty shelves and disappointed shoppers? Click the audio player […]

For public good, not for profit.

Nordstrom’s doing better than most retailers — so why is it struggling to find a buyer?

Aug 10, 2017
Earnings for Nordstrom are expected later today. The retailer announced back in June that it was considering becoming a private company again. Buying out shareholders takes a lot of financing, and the company appears to be having a tough time getting formal talks going with potential investors. But that may not be such a bad […]

Nordstrom family members weigh taking the retailer private

Jun 8, 2017
Nordstrom’s stock jumped today after the company said a group of Nordstrom family members is considering taking the company private. Like all department stores, Nordstrom has been battling a decline in shopping mall traffic and competition from online retailers. The company reported weaker-than-expected sales last month and warned of a sluggish year ahead. Among other […]

Does Trump's Twitter beef with Nordstrom cross an ethics line?

Feb 8, 2017
Or is he just defending his daughter?