#GivingTuesday is here. Tax breaks or not, givers gonna give

Nov 27, 2018
New tax laws have changed how much of a tax break you might get for giving to charities and causes. Those changes are worrying some non-profits that need your end of the year gifts, especially to help provide human services. But if you really want to give, and get a tax break, you can find […]

As refugee admissions fall, nonprofits lay off staff

Jan 3, 2018
Nonprofits worry about the loss of institutional knowledge as offices are forced to close amid a slow down in refugee admissions.
After he was laid off in August, Todd Miller left refugee resettlement work to teach English as a second language at a local university. 
Emma Jacobs/ for Marketplace

Is it ever OK to ask children to translate for their parents in emergency situations?

Aug 15, 2017
Immigrant parents often depend on their children to translate for them.
Ft. Wayne police now carry language identifier notebooks with them as a way to determine and locate appropriate interpretation services. 
Erika Celeste/for Marketplace

“Rage donations” turn frustration into hard cash for nonprofits

Nov 23, 2016
Since the election, a new phenomenon appears to be emerging: so-called “rage donations.” Across the country, progressive nonprofits are reporting an unprecedented surge in donations, as disappointed Clinton voters channel their frustration into hard cash for the causes they support. Click the above audio player to hear the full story.
Hillary Clinton speaks during a news conference at the New Yorker Hotel on Nov. 9 in New York City. Clinton conceded the U.S. presidency to Republican challenger Donald Trump.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Basic research, over decades, is Zuckerberg's goal

Sep 22, 2016
Facebook founder and his physician wife have a charitable venture built for the long haul.
David Ramos/Getty Images

New overtime rules mean changes for nonprofits and their employees

Sep 15, 2016
Nonprofits are scrambling to figure out how to comply with new overtime rules.
Workers at the Osceola Council on Aging in Kissimmee clean up after preparing and delivering 1,000 meals to senior citizens in the community.
Renata Sago

Let’s do the numbers: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Jul 27, 2016
The nonprofit marks its fundraising campaign’s 2-year anniversary with a research breakthrough.
Eric Singer, Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer of the band KISS participates in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Aug. 22, 2014 in Noblesville, Indiana.
Michael Hickey/Getty Images

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Alaska zoo's challenge: keep patrons coming in winter

Feb 29, 2016
Most of the zoo's revenue last fiscal year came from admissions during the summer months.
At the Alaska Zoo, a behind-the-scenes tour is part of a special program called "Keeper for a Day."
Zachariah Hughes

NFL's Roger Goodell made $34M in 2014

Feb 17, 2016
The public announcement marks the last time the NFL has to report his earnings.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks during a press conference before Super Bowl 50 at the Moscone Center West on February 5 in San Francisco.
Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

The charity you support could share your info

Dec 29, 2014
Just as for-profit companies share your data, so do some charities.