In the Houston suburbs, a new-home market sizzles 

Mar 26, 2024
Builder incentives like interest-rate buy-downs and the relative affordability of the area are big draws for prospective buyers.
Houston-area real estate agent Lauren Flathouse said some builders offer incentives like lowered interest rates or free appliances to entice homebuyers.
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Single-family home construction is booming, despite higher mortgage rates

Mar 19, 2024
But the boom doesn't seem to be reaching some parts of the country.
Most of the new single-family homes are being built in suburbs, says Ali Wolf at data firm Zonda.
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Housing construction was expected to fall in November. Instead, it surged.

Dec 19, 2023
Housing starts surged nearly 15%, blowing expectations out of the water. What does that mean for the future of the housing market?
In November, 1.56 million single-family homes began construction, up nearly 15% from October.
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Contractors are busy building single-family homes. That's good news on a lot of fronts.

Nov 24, 2023
Construction supports businesses throughout the supply chain and keeps the national housing deficit from growing.
While mortgage rates are still high, so is demand for homes — and there aren't enough houses on the market.
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New home construction ticked up in April, signaling a rise in demand

May 17, 2023
Most new homes are going up in the South and states like Utah and Nevada, where homes are generally more affordable than on the coasts.
New home construction has picked up in the Mountain West, where housing is generally more affordable than on the coasts.
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Home construction is weak, but apartment construction is booming

Nov 18, 2022
That's because apartment developers have a lot more incentives to keep building right now.
Apartment construction is way up, as rents rise independently of mortgage interest rates.
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New home construction is down. Here's what that says about the housing market.

Aug 16, 2022
This could be another indicator that things are cooling down, but home prices are still at record highs.
Fewer people are willing to commit to buying a new home that’s still under construction, says Lawrence Yun at the National Association of Realtors.
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For public good, not for profit.

Housing affordability continues to worsen for many Americans

Jul 19, 2022
Home prices are at record levels, and mortgage rates are much higher now than they were six months ago.
Fewer homes are being built these days — especially in the price range of first-time buyers.
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Why there's so much new multifamily construction right now

Apr 21, 2022
Rents are up, providing builders an incentive.
Higher rents in outlying suburbs have been an incentive for builders to construct more apartments.
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Although housing starts slid in January, more building is coming

Feb 17, 2022
As that omicron wanes and weather warms, analysts expect building to pick up. That doesn't mean it'll make a dent in the housing shortage.
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