Why charitable giving is an essential element of Ramadan

A look at how economic headwinds economy may have affected giving this Ramadan.
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How this engineer hopes to inspire Muslim women to pursue operational roles

Nov 25, 2021
Aminah Shafiq, senior water quality advisor for Severn Trent Water, noticed her helmet wasn't fitting properly, so she designed the first PPE-specific headscarf.
Aminah Shafiq, senior water quality advisor at Severn Trent Water, designed the first PPE-specific headscarf.
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U.S. appeals court refuses to reinstate Trump travel ban

Feb 9, 2017
Government lawyers argued that the ban was a "lawful exercise" of the president's authority.
Yemenis who were among those stranded in Djibouti when President Donald Trump ordered his travel ban, arrive to Los Angeles International Airport on Feb. 8 in Los Angeles, California.

Tourism that caters to Muslims is growing worldwide

Dec 26, 2016
One French B&B offers meals that follow halal dietary laws and other amenities.
The Chateau de la Roche-Tinard B&B caters to Muslim guests.
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Marketing remains largely untapped for Eid Al Fitr

Jul 28, 2014
Muslim Americans add billions to the economy. So why haven't marketers caught on?

How do Muslim investors know when a company is Sharia friendly?

Jan 6, 2014
IdealRatings is a San Francisco based company that helps Muslim investors find companies that comply with Islamic teaching.

For public good, not for profit.

Marvel's new super power: Growing the market

Nov 6, 2013
Marvel is diversifying its stable of superheroes with a new series featuring a teenage Muslim lead character.

Islam and money

Aug 3, 2012
The first in our series about money and religion, we look at how Muslims view and deal with money. Learn more about Islamic law regarding debt, investments and tithing.
Indonesian mosque officials count donations for the upkeep of the Jami Roudhotul Falah mosque following Friday prayers in central Jakarta. Apart from the voluntary donations, Muslims practice "zakat,: where a percentage of their annual savings are set aside for alms or charity for poor people during the period of Islam's holy month of Ramadan.