What will a Claudia Sheinbaum presidency mean for Mexico's economy?

President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum must grapple with a hefty budget deficit, brought about in part by spending on infrastructure and social programs.
President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum will become Mexico's first female president when she takes  office on Oct. 1.
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The cost of imports from Asia and North America are moving in opposite directions

Apr 12, 2024
The things we buy from China and Japan became cheaper in March, while prices rose on automotive goods and energy from Mexico and Canada.
Each category of goods that the U.S. buys from Mexico, Canada, China and Japan has its own price trend, as does each country's currency.
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Americans bought fewer Chinese imports in 2023, but Chinese exporters aren't necessarily hurting

Feb 8, 2024
We bought more imports from Mexico — and Chinese companies have been investing heavily there.
U.S. imports from China. were down more than 20% in 2023 compared to the previous year.
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Mexico's massive new Tren Maya rail network raises environmental concerns

Jan 8, 2024
The cost of Mexico's 1,500-kilometer train line has ballooned to more than $28 billion.
An aerial view of the construction of part of the Tren Maya in Uman, Mexico, in August.
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Keeping avocados (and other imports) fresh depends on the growing cold chain

Nov 16, 2023
Imported avocados make up roughly 90% of U.S. supply — most are from Mexico. Many of these fruits pass through the Port of Laredo, which has seen recent growth in cold chain infrastructure.
A forklift moves boxes of produce at the Mission Produce distribution facility in Laredo, Texas.
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Mexico turns back the clock on oil reforms, closes down foreign investment

May 24, 2022
The changes mean that Mexico can't drill for as much oil, just as the world is seeking alternate sources to Russian oil because of the war in Ukraine.
Aerial view of the Mexican oil company PEMEX oil complex in Azcapotzalco, on the outskirts of Mexico City.
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Shifting supply chains settle on Mexico

May 2, 2022
After a pandemic, trade war and rising wages, many manufacturers have been looking for other options outside of China.
With rising labor costs in China and the delay in receiving goods, some U.S. manufacturers are moving operations to Mexico. Above, workers at a truck parts factory in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, in May 2020.
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For public good, not for profit.

“Transmigrante” traffic may boost economy of Texas border town

Apr 6, 2021
Central Americans who make a living towing secondhand goods over the U.S.-Mexico border have a new crossing point at Presidio.
Since late March, the Presidio-Ojinaga port of entry has been open to transmigrantes, Central American drivers who travel through Mexico to their home countries to sell secondhand goods purchased in the United States.
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With COVID surging, Mexico faces a shortage of oxygen to treat patients

Mar 4, 2021
As prices climb, the government says it is trying to crack down on unlawful trade in oxygen and related equipment.
In Guadalajara, Mexico, people line up to refill oxygen tanks for relatives with COVID-19.
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How could a revamped "bracero"program work?

Mar 1, 2021
The original program that imported Mexican labor ended in the 1960s due to rights violations. Biden and Lopez Obrador may discuss a similar plan.
The original bracero program imported Mexican workers for the agriculture and railroad industries, but it was terminated in the 1960s amid reports of human rights abuses. Biden and Lopez Obrador may discuss a similar plan.
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