Why one New York health system stopped suing its patients

May 14, 2024
Most U.S. hospitals aggressively pursue patients for unpaid bills. One New York hospital system decided to work with them instead.
Nationally, nearly half of adults are unable to cover a $500 medical bill without going into debt, a 2022 KFF poll found.
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Has legislation to stop surprise medical bills worked?

Yes and no. Patients have avoided millions of surprise bills, but a plan to cut wider health care spending has seen mixed results.
"Ultimately, this law is protecting more people from the kinds of medical debt that you're covering on the show, but that protection may come at a price: higher insurance premiums for millions," said Dan Gorenstein, executive editor at Tradeoffs.
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How medical debt can exacerbate pain and suffering

As part of a live event, we break down the medical debts that some Americans owe and the shame, guilt and uncertainty that can come with it.
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Health care tops list of voters' economic worries

Feb 22, 2024
While inflation is moderating, some health-related costs are still climbing.
Health care affordability and inflation are top concerns for voters this year.
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Ban on surprise medical bills goes into effect

Jan 4, 2022
The No Surprises Act, which Congress passed more than a year ago, went into effect Jan. 1. It makes many surprise medical bills illegal.
Before Jan. 1, an emergency trip to an out-of-network hospital may have resulted in bills not covered by insurance; even in-network hospitals with out-of-network providers could result in surprise bills.
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Legislation on surprise medical bills would hit physician staffing industry

Jul 1, 2019
Congress is debating multiple proposals that would protect patients from surprise medical bills. But the physician staffing industry is pushing back.
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ER bills are expensive. And secretive.

Jan 7, 2019
In some hospitals, you could pay thousands of dollars just to sit in the waiting room.
"The costs are high — and they vary hugely from hospital to hospital," says Vox's Sarah Kliff. "Case in point: I found one hospital charging $1 for a squirt of an antibiotic ointment called bacitracin —and another charging $76."
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For public good, not for profit.

New bill aims to improve sharing of electronic medical records

Dec 12, 2016
President Barack Obama is expected to sign legislation on Tuesday that should speed FDA approval of some drugs and devices, as well as making a significant investment in medical research. The measure – known as the 21st Century Cures Act – also should make it easier for patient data to move from the hospital to […]
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Orlando hospitals waiving bills of Pulse nightclub victims

Aug 25, 2016
Hospital officials could end up waiving $5.5 million of medical care.
Orlando Health will look to community groups, charities and benefits to help.
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Medical bills may soon be as easy to read as credit card statements

May 9, 2016
Knowing how much health care costs before it's delivered would be revolutionary.
What does this all mean?