Why are computer orders holding up so well?

Mar 26, 2024
Consumers replacing devices bought early in the pandemic and enthusiasm for AI capabilities partly account for the healthy figures.
On average, people buy new computers every three years or so, says Janet Tang at AlixPartners.
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Monitoring software on students' school laptops raises privacy concerns

Aug 3, 2022
A new survey finds that the vast majority of American schools are using activity monitoring software to track students. The intent is to keep students safe, but it's more common to be used for disciplinary reasons.
Schools' use of  monitoring software to keep track of students has been increasing.
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Thanks to "Fortnite" and esports, computers are almost cool again

Nov 22, 2018
There's a minor resurgence in the PC market, a CNET editor says.
Gamers play “Fortnite” against Twitch streamer and professional gamer Tyler Blevins during Ninja Vegas 18 at the Luxor Hotel & Casino in April.
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Why airlines might eventually see the laptop ban as an opportunity

May 19, 2017
They could try to win the loyalty of business customers.
Qatar Airways will lend laptops to business customers.
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A visual comparison of Apple and HP laptops

Apr 5, 2016
HP's new laptop is trying to be more stylish than the MacBook. We take a look back at the ugly, and clunky, beginnings of laptops at both companies.
The Spectre 13 from HP revealed today and it's giving Apple a run for its money. 

Can the DOJ force you to decrypt your laptop?

Jul 11, 2011
This is being tossed around right now in a case in Colorado involving a woman accused of running a mortgage scam. A laptop was found in her bedroom...

For public good, not for profit.

Hard working engineers waste their time building something no one will ever want

Jul 6, 2011
Toshiba announced a no-glasses-required 3D laptop called the Qosmio f750. It's designed for one person at a time to sit in front of it and watch...

Laptops powered by typing? Laptops powered by typing!

Jun 24, 2011
What's next? Weight loss by eating? Some dudes in Australia have built just such a computer. The idea of powering a computer using the energy...