Is layoff season shifting away from the holidays?

Jan 4, 2024
Employees who lose their jobs at the end of they year may vent on social media. That can hurt a company's reputation, experts say.
A layoff will go down easier if employees get regular updates on the company’s health, says HR consultant Deb Best.
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Exxon's job cuts are another sign that the oil industry is still in a slump

Oct 30, 2020
Demand for oil has come back a bit, but it's still lower than it was before the pandemic.
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Three ways 3M's results reflect the broader economy

Jan 28, 2020
Because it makes everything from Post-its to plane parts, the company's performance says a lot about where this economy is.
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Recent layoffs could be a sign of lessons from the Great Recession

Dec 4, 2018
Major company layoffs are not tied to economic worries necessarily.

What Eli Lilly's job cuts mean for the future of sales jobs

Apr 12, 2013
Eli Lilly is reducing its U.S. sales force, reportedly by 30 percent. How have digital and other advertising practices changed the nature of sales?

Bank of America to cut home lending, branches

Sep 20, 2012
Bank of America, bloated by national expansion and saddled with bad mortgages, is speeding up its plan to cut 30,000 jobs. The Wall Street Journal says the bank could reach its downsizing goal a year early.

The best corporate spin of the year

Jan 17, 2012
It seems that corporations always revert to a special kind of jargon when it comes to bad news.

For public good, not for profit.

BofA to cut 30,000 jobs

Sep 12, 2011
As part of an effort to cut expenses by $5 billion a year over the next two years, U.S. banking giant Bank of America confirmed today that it will...