Lower mortgage rates open the door for homebuilders

Jan 25, 2024
Some builders are starting to see more interest from buyers, including those who spent 2023 on the sidelines, waiting for better rates.
"It feels like there’s some pent-up demand," for homebuilding, says Clint Mitchell of Estridge Homes in Indianapolis. Above, home construction in Vermont.
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New construction homes are playing a bigger role in the housing market

Nov 27, 2023
New home sales fell 5.6% in October, but they're still up 18% over last year. And they make up a record share of total inventory.
Homebuyers may be able to find deals right now on new homes that began construction during the housing boom, says Redfin economist Daryl Fairweather.
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Why isn't there an Amazon for real estate?

Nov 8, 2023
Despite the world going digital, homebuying is still a highly analog process. James Rodriquez of Insider discusses the quest for a superapp.
While the initial house hunt can be done online, arranging inspections, figuring out escrow and other tasks tend to be done in person, on the phone and on paper.
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"Life happens." Why some home buyers and sellers forge ahead in spite of interest rates

Sep 13, 2023
People motivated to buy or sell homes in this market are often hitting significant milestones, from babies and back-to-office mandates to downsizing and retirement.
Even though interest rates are high, some home buyers have been spurred to move by big personal changes.
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A house for sale in San Rafael, California.
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Home prices have been rising all year. Will mortgage rates catch up?

Sep 27, 2021
Rates could soon start ticking up, but homebuyers are mostly focused on the size of that monthly mortgage payment.
Higher mortgage rates could benefit homebuyers by cooling down the hot housing market.
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Making sense of housing market data

Mar 8, 2019
It's more straightforward than it seems.
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For public good, not for profit.