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Small businesses are still struggling to hire. But the situation's improving.

Sep 1, 2023
The good news: The lowest proportion of small businesses since March 2021 reported having trouble hiring. The bad news: It's still 40%.
Forty percent of small businesses reported having trouble filling job openings last month.
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

It's a slow summer... for job cuts

Aug 4, 2023
People are scanning today's jobs report for signs of slower job creation and greater wage gains — as unemployment claims hover near pre-pandemic lows, and companies announce fewer layoffs.
“We’re seeing a lot of those individuals being picked up fairly quickly in medium-sized companies," said Jim McCoy with ManpowerGroup
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The economic anthem of the moment depends on how you read the data

Aug 1, 2023
Fewer workers are quitting their jobs and employers are hiring less. So are we in for "Wheel in the Sky" or "Bad Moon Rising"?
The song economist Sarah Wolfe uses to describe our current economic moment: Journey's "Wheel in the Sky."
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Hiring by state and local governments has bounced back big-time

Jul 7, 2023
Governing bodies have collectively added 57,000 people per month, on average, this year, outpacing previous public-sector recoveries.
State and local governments have been hiring at more than double last year's rate. Above, Philadelphia City Hall.
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Job data's all over the place, but things are still pretty good for some workers

Jul 6, 2023
ADP and other labor market signals point to continuing interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve.
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At this Detroit frame shop, it might be time to bring another employee into the picture

Jun 30, 2023
Eric Vaughn, owner of a custom frame shop in Detroit, has been working with a two-person crew but might need a new hire for the fall.
"Usually, in the summertime, things kind of taper off because people are on vacation," said Eric Vaughn. "And right now, we're still busy. We haven't slowed up one bit."
Courtesy of Eric Vaughn.

Remote cities can teach the nation a lot about hiring and keeping workers

Rural towns have long dealt with labor scarcity, and many have strategies for attracting and investing in talent.
Major companies in northwest Minnesota are able to staff their operations despite the sparse population in the towns and the sometimes inhospitable weather.
Kerem Yucel/AFP via Getty Images

For public good, not for profit.

Unemployment for recent college grads is the lowest in a generation

May 8, 2023
The class of 2023 is entering a strong labor market as employers continue to snap up workers.
College students graduating in 2023 are entering a strong labor market, according to recent data.
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The way of water: Running a business on the banks of the Wisconsin River

Apr 17, 2023
As seasonal businesses focus on inflation and new hires for the summer, the shadow of a possible recession looms in the background.
"In general, people will continue to recreate even during a recession," said Scott Teuber of Wisconsin River Outings.
courtesy Scott Teuber

Amid slowing wage growth, new jobs and salary negotiations still pay off

Apr 10, 2023
As wage growth slows, workers consider job-hopping to boost their pay; but when offered a new job, only 3-in-10 try to negotiate for a better deal.
Wage growth is slowing relative to peak pandemic times. With inflation remaining elevated, workers are looking for workarounds.
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