Bad news for the job market could be good news for inflation

Jun 13, 2024
Initial jobless claims hit a 10-month high last week. If that takes pressure off prices, the Federal Reserve might reduce interest rates.
Higher unemployment can contribute to the cooling of inflation, but it comes at the expense of people's livelihoods.
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Steady hiring and quitting rates may be a sign that workers are staying put

Jun 4, 2024
The data suggest the job market could be returning to more normal times after an exceptional period of hiring new employees.
The April JOLTS report is a sign the economy is coming back to a very good job market. It's just not the once-in-a-lifetime market of 2021 and 2022, says economics professor Ethan Struby of Carleton College.
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America's CEOs are feeling good, KPMG survey finds

And 72% of CEOs surveyed anticipate modest or significantly increased hiring in the next year.
72% of CEOs surveyed anticipate modest or significantly increased hiring in the next year, according to a new KPMG survey.
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Tech is supercharging pre-employment personality tests

Apr 8, 2024
Psychometrics assessments boosted by AI aim to quantify seemingly intangible qualities like personality and emotional intelligence.
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Small businesses have Now Hiring signs up — whether they need workers or not

Apr 2, 2024
So government stats on job openings may not be telling us much.
Frankesha Watkins, who owns a beauty supply store, said she always keeps a job listing posted because high turnover among her staff creates frequent openings.
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Small businesses find some relief after struggling to hire

Mar 21, 2024
They’re less concerned about recruitment challenges, according to an NFIB survey and several indicators.
Job cuts at some big firms have been good for small businesses, which can market themselves to prospective employees as more stable companies.
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Restaurant hiring affected by warmer weather, lingering pandemic habits

Mar 8, 2024
The number of people employed at restaurants and bars went up 0.3% in February from the month before.
A slowdown in construction work has meant an influx of job applicants for back-of-house positions, says restaurant owner Joshua Pollack.
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For public good, not for profit.

Signs point to a labor market that's cooling, but not cold

Mar 6, 2024
Private employers added 140,000 jobs in February and January’s job openings didn’t budge — though they were down from mid-2023.
In December and January, the economy added nearly 700,000 new jobs.
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More employers are asking applicants to prove their skills with a test

Mar 4, 2024
Playing aptitude games or doing one-way video interviews might sound like a drag. But could they make the hiring process fairer?
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For both employers and applicants, the job market is a tough gig

For applicants, the interviewing can seem endless. For employers, the pool of workers is small and the future may feel uncertain.
Many employers and job seekers feel a bit powerless in the current environment.
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