Signs point to a labor market that's cooling, but not cold

Mar 6, 2024
Private employers added 140,000 jobs in February and January’s job openings didn’t budge — though they were down from mid-2023.
In December and January, the economy added nearly 700,000 new jobs.
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More employers are asking applicants to prove their skills with a test

Mar 4, 2024
Playing aptitude games or doing one-way video interviews might sound like a drag. But could they make the hiring process fairer?
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For both employers and applicants, the job market is a tough gig

For applicants, the interviewing can seem endless. For employers, the pool of workers is small and the future may feel uncertain.
Many employers and job seekers feel a bit powerless in the current environment.
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What does "overqualified" really mean in hiring?

Jan 18, 2024
With the share of older people in the workforce growing, maybe it's time to rethink the label.
"The reality is that 'overqualified' is often a code word for too old," says Dana Siomkos, founder and CEO of recruiting firm You and Them. As more young people move into managerial roles, older job searchers are having trouble getting hired.
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What does the Bureau of Labor Statistics mean by "little changed"?

Jan 3, 2024
A more stable, less swingy labor market, as reflected in the latest JOLTS data, is usually good news.
After a period of volatility, the BLS has described trends in recent JOLTS reports as little changed, reflecting a return to pre-pandemic conditions in the labor market.
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Temp jobs have been disappearing. That's actually good news for workers and companies.

Jan 2, 2024
Workers prefer the stability of permanent jobs, and permanent workers tend to be more productive.
The temporary employment sector has weakened as demand softened and many temps became permanent.
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How did seasonal hiring pan out?

Dec 25, 2023
Holiday shopping was up — but seasonal hiring was cautious and often depended on the size of the business.
Holiday hiring in transportation and warehousing, mostly for e-commerce, fell about 20%.
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For public good, not for profit.

Holiday season hiring slows down

Dec 8, 2023
Retail hiring for the holiday shopping period is roughly flat, while transportation and warehousing are down from last year.
Well 80 Brewhouse in Olympia, Washington. Owner Chris Knudson says business is down slightly from last year and it's not as hard to find workers to cover shifts when the restaurant's busy.
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ChatGPT makes job applications a breeze — that's the challenge

Nov 28, 2023
The AI chatbot makes it easy to send out multitudes of resumes. The tsunami makes it hard for employers to sort through candidates.
ChatGPT can help people apply to multitudes of jobs by tailoring resumes to meet the requirements of each role.
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New unemployment claims creep up as hiring slows

Nov 16, 2023
Six months of incremental softening of the job market has firmed up to something tangible: the number of people continuing to file for unemployment was the highest it’s been in almost two years.
Slowed hiring could be an indicator that the jobs market is mellowing out after wild swings during the first few years of the pandemic.
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