Why does the world want dollars? Because of high interest rates, thriving economy in U.S.

Apr 23, 2024
The greenback is so strong that Japan and South Korea have complained.
“The U.S. has strong growth, strong earnings potential, and so we’re drawing in global equity investment,” said Win Thin at Brown Brothers Harriman.
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IMF lowers global outlook again

Jan 21, 2019
Christine Lagarde, chief of the International Monetary Fund, cautions that global growth is slowing down more than expected earlier. Click the audio player above to hear the full story.
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde speaks at the Plenary session during the IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings Oct.13, 2017. 
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U.S. economic growth slowed to 2.3 percent pace in first quarter

Apr 27, 2018
Consumer spending turned in the weakest performance in nearly five years.
The Consumer Confidence Index helps provide a picture of how people feel about the economy.
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Facebook performs well, but hints at a slowdown next year

Nov 3, 2016
The company is on pace to reach $27 billion in revenue this year.
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IMF warns against protectionist sentiment

Oct 4, 2016
At its annual meeting in Washington D.C., the IMF sees threats to global growth.

IMF worried about growth at meeting in Washington

Oct 4, 2016
This week's International Monetary Fund meeting is expected to discuss growth and jobs.
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde speaks during a press conference at the IMF Headquarters on Friday in Washington, D.C. 

The Federal Reserve in a quandary

Jun 15, 2016
The Fed is sending out mixed signals about an interest rate hike.
Interest rates have been close to zero for almost a decade.
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For public good, not for profit.

Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa at a 15-year low

May 3, 2016
The International Monetary Fund said countries in the region need a policy reset.
A farmer winnows a dried teff crop to separate seeds from stalks at a village in Ethiopia.

GDP growth slows as inventories fall

Oct 29, 2015
And why that's sometimes a sign business owners are worrying about the future.

Twitter's earnings report in one tweet

Jul 28, 2015
The social media site isn't doing too bad for itself.