Why we see gold prices jump during times of uncertainty

by Alex Schroeder Feb 24, 2020
Gold hit its highest mark in more than seven years on Monday due to spikes in coronavirus cases outside of China.
Gold prices have been climbing as the fears of coronavirus spread.
Mario Tama/Getty Images
How to be a...

How to be a jewelry designer

by Eliza Mills Nov 19, 2018
Polly Wales talks about how she made a career out of her art.
Polly Wales, center, at her studio in Los Angeles.
Courtesy of Polly Wales Fine Jewelry
I've always wondered...

A starter guide for aspiring gold bugs

by Jana Kasperkevic May 9, 2017
What is the best way to buy gold bars?
Gold bars are sold in different weights. Some come in blister packs.

Bitcoin's very happy 2016

by Reema Khrais Dec 28, 2016
The digital currency outperformed nearly every other investment asset.
Behold a pile of bitcoins.
George Frey/Getty Images

Central banks rush to gold

by Stephen Beard Oct 4, 2016
Central banks' purchases of the precious metal worry some onlookers.
Central banks are going on a gold-purchasing spree.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Gold's popularity in India

by Shilpa Kannan Jul 14, 2016
Thousands of tons may be stashed away in places like businesses and vaults.

After Brexit, some investors seek safe havens

by Tracey Samuelson Jun 27, 2016
But most remain on the sidelines, sitting out the turmoil in the markets
The Canary Wharf finance district of London, encompassing the offices of HSBC, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, and other global banking corporations, is pictured from Greenwich park in south-east London on June 26, 2016. 

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Gold prices are starting to rebound, but why?

by Lewis Wallace May 12, 2016
Demand for gold is up 21 percent over the same time last year.
Gold prices are rising again.

There are hidden treasures in our sewage sludge

by Levi Sharpe Apr 8, 2016
Millions of dollars worth of valuable metals end up being flushed down the drain, some coming from our own bodies.
Gold bars.
Final Note

Overstock has employees stocked for the End of Days

by Kai Ryssdal Nov 16, 2015 has a food supply for employees in the event of apocalypse.

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