Gene editing for fresher fruit, leaner pigs

by Dan Gorenstein Mar 28, 2018
But … do we even want that?

Jack and the non-GMO beanstalk

by Annie Baxter Oct 4, 2016
The path to market for non-GMO soybeans is complex.
This label on non-biotech soybeans includes information about the farmer and lot number from which it came. The beans have also been tested for any genetically modified materials to vouchsafe their integrity.
Annie Baxter/Marketplace

After decades of wariness, China to grow GMOs

by Annie Baxter Aug 11, 2016
The country will push to commercialize genetically modified corn and soybeans.
Farmers sow corn seeds with a grain drill at a field in Chiping County, in east China's Shandong province.
STR/AFP/Getty Images

Sugar beet growers don't understand GMO worries

by Annie Baxter Aug 2, 2016
Big food manufacturers like Hershey's are saying they will start using non-GMO cane sugar instead of beet sugar.
Farmer Bill Hejl in Amenia, North Dakota says switching to genetically modified sugar beets has lowered his overall herbicide use and his carbon footprint, as he has to run machinery over his fields less often to manage weeds.
Annie Baxter/Marketplace

Bill to require GMO labeling passes Congress

by Lewis Wallace Jul 15, 2016
Companies say it’s a good compromise, but activists point to loopholes.
A GMO labeling bill passed in Congress on Thursday.

Long and Short: Credit, GMOs, millennial housing and Captain America

by Marketplace Weekend Staff May 27, 2016
Marketplace’s Jed Kim and The Atlantic’s Gillian White talk about their best bets of the week.
Actor Chris Evans arrives at the premiere Of Marvel's 'Captain America:The Winter Soldier on March 13, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Reluctantly, more major food brands take up GMO labeling

by Tony Wagner Mar 24, 2016
A Vermont law becomes a defacto federal requirement.
A Safeway customer shops for milk at a Safeway 'Lifestyle' store July 18, 2007 in Livermore, California. 
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Farmers feel thrown under the bus as Big Food changes

by Annie Baxter Feb 26, 2016
Some farmers feel their concerns are ignored as the food industry changes.
A group of pigs in Spronk's new barn, equipped with new feeders and gates. 
Seth Spronk

US-certified 'GMO free' on the way, for a price

by Adam Allington May 14, 2015
But consumer groups pushing for GMO disclosure aren’t thrilled.

Chipotle goes GMO-free, except for the meat

by Dan Weissmann Apr 27, 2015
Animals raised on a GMO-free diet are too hard to come by.

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