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How all-day cafes are changing our lives

Feb 23, 2018
Welcome to a place where you can work, eat all three meals and feel extremely welcomed.

Not everyone is going to get the same pass-through benefits from this tax bill

Dec 21, 2017
Two people doing the exact same job could be paying very different taxes by the end of the year.
“A construction worker who's in a favored industry might end up with a lower tax rate as an independent contractor instead of working for a construction company,” says Marketplace's Kimberly Adams.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

What it's like to work remotely from all over the world

Jul 14, 2017
The remote work travel industry is growing.
We Roam facilitates trips around the world for professionals working remotely. 
Courtesy We Roam

Freelancers made an estimated $1 trillion last year

Oct 6, 2016
More people are choosing freelance work over full time jobs, according to the Freelancers Union.
A home office. The number of Americans choosing freelance work is growing, according to a study from the Freelancers Union.
blupics/Creative Commons

@LiveMoney: Love, money, and storm hoarding

Feb 14, 2014
A roundup of conversations we're having out in the social media landscape.