Why refugees make great entrepreneurs

by Stephen Beard Aug 7, 2019
The refugee entrepreneurs’ motives are often a mix of altruism and self-interest.
Migrants and refugees wait in the early hours in a tent outside the Central Registration Office for Asylum Seekers in 2015 in Berlin.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

This 13-year-old chief executive is her dad's boss

by Maria Hollenhorst May 3, 2019
Alina Morse is the CEO of a multimillion-dollar candy company. Her dad works for her.
Alina Morse, founder and CEO of Zollipops, with her father, Tom Morse.
Maria Hollenhorst/Marketplace

Investing while foreign-born: The advantages of being an immigrant venture capitalist

by Nina Roberts Dec 6, 2018
Immigrants comprise 13.2 percent of the U.S. population, yet 20.6 percent of the country’s entrepreneurs are immigrants, according to a 2016 report from the New American Economy.
Co-founders of One Way Venture in Boston, Semyon Dukach and Eveline Buchatskiy.
Courtesy of One Way Ventures

William Shatner is still the captain of his entrepreneurial ship

by David Brancaccio, Daniel Shin, Ali Oshinskie, and Redmond Carolipio Sep 10, 2018
The actor talks about his projects, along with exploring frontiers — final or otherwise — of business.
William Shatner is currently promoting three projects: “Why Not Me?” a country music album; “Shatner Claus,” a Christmas album; and a book, “Live Long and ... : What I Learned Along the Way.”
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Divided Decade

Lessons from the financial crisis: risks, regrets, and learning to say "this is enough"

by Stephanie Hughes Aug 1, 2018
Chef and entrepreneur Peter Hoffman says there are risks he didn't take, "but there’s also the work towards coming to accept that — this is enough."
A view of chef Peter Hoffman outside his former restaurant Savoy.
Courtesy Peter Hoffman
Divided Decade

A look at China's unlikely lingerie capital

by Jennifer Pak Jun 19, 2018
Guanyun County produces three out of five of the lacy undergarments ordered online in the country.
Midnight Charm is among 500 lingerie manufacturers employing 20,000 people directly. Many seamstresses are housewives who prefer the flexible hours.
Jennifer Pak/Marketplace

When it comes to traditional business loans, non-white and women entrepreneurs are being left behind

by Krystina Martinez May 25, 2018
Despite Texas’ reputation as a business-friendly state, a survey last year from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas found access to capital is the number one concern for women and non-white small business owners in the state.   There’s a good reason…

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Business cards are getting weirder

by Kai Ryssdal and Josie Fan Feb 8, 2018
Even in this digital age, the good old fashioned business card is far from dead. But it is getting weirder.  Some creative networkers and entrepreneurs are using oddball cards with unusual shapes and materials to stand out with potential clients.…

Reinventing a summer classic, water balloons

by Adriene Hill and Emily Henderson Jul 17, 2017
Josh Malone, inventor of the "Bunch-o-Balloons" water balloon toy, talks about how the idea came to be.
Kim Hansen/Wikimedia Commons

Using the lessons of hip-hop to start a business

by Marielle Segarra Jun 6, 2017
A program in Philadelphia is teaching entrepreneurship through the successes and failures of the music business.
Students at the Institute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship are learning how to start a business.
Photo courtesy of the IHHE

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