Wyoming coal community imagines a new future

Jun 3, 2019
The threat of coal plant closures is making Kemmerer, Wyoming, think closely about diversification.
Mayor Tony Tomassi standing on the edge of a small residential community in Kemmerer.
Cooper McKim/Wyoming Public Radio

The Clean Power Plan is a zombie that will be hard to kill

Oct 3, 2017
The Obama-era regulation known as the Clean Power Plan is expected to be the next target for the White House to cut back regulations. It’s something of a zombie, since the Supreme Court halted its rollout, yet the EPA is…

Coal and nuclear power stand to gain from new Department of Energy moves

Oct 2, 2017
The Trump administration is asking for new regulations in the name of grid reliability. Specifically, it wants to support coal and nuclear power to make sure the U.S. always has a  supply on-hand for possible times of need. But skeptics…

Perry is in Mexico for energy talks

Jul 13, 2017
U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry meets today with Mexico’s president and its energy secretary in Mexico City. Perry said this week the U.S. has an opportunity to develop a “North American energy strategy.” His positive tone extends to the North…

Why low prices at the pump aren’t necessarily good

Jul 5, 2017
Here’s an official statement from the President of the United States — via Twitter, that is: “Gas prices are the lowest in the U.S. in over ten years! I would like to see them go even lower.” In the past…

Trump calls for 'energy dominance' as US oil and gas exports keep rising

Jun 26, 2017
In yet another branded White House initiative, it’s Energy Week. President Trump will be focused on American “energy dominance,” and touting the boom in U.S. fossil fuels and plans to support and increase energy exports. A ban on exporting U.S. oil and…