The community college administrator dealing with COVID-19 disruption at work and at home

Mar 18, 2020
The disruption of education over the past few weeks affects every member of Derrick Lindstrom's family.
Caroline Yang

Amazon hoping to put e-books in NY schools

Apr 20, 2016
The Department of Education values the deal at about $30 million in the first three years.
Amazon is trying to move into the education space.

Rural schools pay more than double for slow internet

Nov 19, 2015
A new report says some schools pay thousands to give students a barely usable connection.

Bridging the edtech gap from Oyler School to home

Jun 15, 2015
Students without devices or broadband access at home can fall behind.

Video: If you give a kid a laptop

May 29, 2015
...she's going to ask how to use it. An animated look at the digital classroom.

Giving every kid a computer and a connection

May 27, 2015
Video: How technology can transform a school and its students.

Proposed legislation would protect student data

May 1, 2015
A new bill aims to restrict how companies use personal info in education technology.

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Confusion over computers in the classroom

Apr 16, 2015
LAUSD wants its money back for iPads loaded with Pearson software that is sub-par.

How to improve education for juvenile offenders

Feb 25, 2015
An interview with juvenile justice advocate David Domenici.

Zen and the art of coding

Feb 24, 2015
Computers can offer unexpected lessons to kids in juvenile justice facilities.