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In Michigan on primary day, a mixed recovery

Mar 8, 2016
While the auto-industry rescue sparked a strong turnaround, many have been left behind.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton meets with workers during a factory tour at Detroit Manufacturing Systems on March 4, 2016 in Detroit, Michigan. Voters in Michigan will go to the polls March 8 for the State's primary.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Post-bankruptcy Detroit's a bargain for corporations

Jan 29, 2015
Companies bet that "Made in Detroit" can outsell "Made in America."

Families search for affordable water in Detroit

Aug 26, 2014
We talked with Detroiters as they looked for relief at a water affordability fair.

What's happened since Detroit turned off delinquent residents' taps

Jul 28, 2014
Residents say they get less opportunity to negotiate when water shut-off looms.

Some bond insurers oppose Detroit's bankruptcy plan

Jul 24, 2014
Companies that insured Detroit's debt also made other bad bets.

Other cities feel sting of Detroit bankruptcy

Jul 22, 2014
If one city doesn't pay up in full, does bond money dry up for everybody else?

Detroit's revamped pension plan may set new precedents

Jun 20, 2014
Why the California state pension system cares about Detroit's bankruptcy.

For public good, not for profit.

Detroit bankruptcy given the go-ahead

Dec 3, 2013
The judge ruled that Detroit will have the protection of bankruptcy court as it seeks to get out from under its debts.

Judge hears arguments over whether Detroit is eligible for bankruptcy

Oct 23, 2013
The city says it can't pay for the $18 billion in long-term liabilities it has accumulated.

Bond fallout from Detroit bankruptcy limited so far

Aug 12, 2013
Detroit's bankruptcy last month has sent ripples through the $3.7-trillion municipal bond market, but so far the fallout seems limited to communities in Michigan.