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U.S. officials warn tech companies of foreign threats in five key areas

Why U.S. counterintelligence officials are telling companies to be wary about foreign business deals.
Counterintelligence officials are telling American companies to be wary about foreign attempts to target developments in artificial intelligence, quantum information systems, biotechnology, semiconductors and autonomous systems.
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As ransomware and other cyberattacks grow, cyber insurance struggles to keep up

Jun 14, 2021
The cost of cyber breaches may be double that of natural disasters. More firms seek coverage while insurers try to cut their own risk.
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Remote college creates fertile ground for internet mischief

Aug 21, 2020
Most email hackers going after students want to make a quick buck. But those targeting faculty may be foreign governments.
A student at the University of New Mexico attends a virtual class from her dorm. Online education often involves the use of unsecured networks.
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5G networks could pose a cybersecurity risk. So who's in charge of making sure they don't?

Jan 31, 2019
And what role should the Federal Communications Commission have?
"If cybersecurity is one of the principal challenges that will define the remainder of the 21st century, then let's have a Manhattan Project to make sure we've got that security," says former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.
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Amazon's Alexa was a surprise hit, but what's its next play?

Dec 18, 2018
As its popularity increases, so do questions about privacy and security.
“We take privacy and security very seriously," Toni Reid, right, of Amazon, told Molly Wood last week at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Next Gen conference in Laguna Niguel, California.
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Why privacy settings can't keep your location secret

Phone carriers can sell location data to third parties, and you can't opt out.
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Elizabeth Warren: "Equifax may actually make money off this breach"

The Massachusetts senator thinks the credit-rating agency got off easy.
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, above, and Virginia Sen. Mark Warner are introducing legislation that would levy harsh penalties for security breaches at credit-rating agencies.
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For public good, not for profit.

Complicated passwords aren't going to solve the computer security problem

Oct 12, 2017
A lot of the rules we follow when creating passwords actually makes them worse.
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Kidnapping and extortion insurance — for your computer

Jun 30, 2017
Insurance companies are offering cyber polices for when your data is the hostage.
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What the nightmare cybersecurity scenario looks like

Jun 28, 2017
This week's hack shows the potential for attacks targeting pipelines, oil rigs and transportation systems.