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Consumers are gravitating back to plastic for spending splurges

Jul 8, 2021
The Federal Reserve said total consumer credit rose by 10% in May. And lenders issued roughly 6 million new credit cards in March, according to Equifax.
As the economy reopens, American consumers are falling back in love with plastic.
Oliver Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Travel rewards credit cards add more everyday perks like Uber Eats

Oct 27, 2020
Cards that once lured in customers with travel perks are now focusing on spending that’s closer to home during the pandemic.
Some cards with high annual fees are starting to switch from rewards on travel and hotels to discounts on things like takeout and groceries.
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Credit card companies need people to spend

Aug 31, 2020
Many credit card companies are launching new cards to capitalize on shifting consumer spending.
A customer signs a credit card receipt at an ice cream parlor. Card balances dropped by $76 billion in the second quarter.
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Chase is the latest to hike fee for its premium credit card and add lifestyle perks

Jan 9, 2020
The popular travel card is getting more expensive. But the bank is betting that new perks, designed to appeal to younger consumers, will make users stay on board.
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Can credit card companies sustain their rewards programs?

Apr 19, 2019
American Express recently reported quarterly earnings, showing that its single-biggest expense was credit card rewards.
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