The COVID vaccine rollout is kind of a mess. Again.

Sep 29, 2023
This is the first round of COVID vaccinations relying mostly on the usual health insurance and provider networks as opposed to the government.
COVID vaccinations are now going through the commercial health care system, providing new obstacles to people who want the jab.
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How a combination of COVID lawsuits and media coverage keeps misinformation churning

Jul 14, 2023
Even as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes, litigation — whether about vaccines, masks or a range of other public health policies made during the pandemic — isn’t about to end.
People protest against COVID-19 mandates in September 2021 in New York City. Even as the pandemic wanes, COVID litigation is far from over.
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China's zero-COVID whiplash

Jan 5, 2023
China has abandoned its sweeping restrictions after nearly three years. Heads are spinning from the speed of the change, and infections are spreading quickly.
A disinfection squad enters a residential building in Shanghai, responding to a confirmed COVID case. Under China's zero-COVID policy, these teams could forcibly disinfect the homes of people who contracted the virus.
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What happens once federal funding to fight COVID ends?

Aug 31, 2022
FDA approved updated boosters Wednesday. The feds have helped cover costs of vaccination and testing as well as public awareness drives.
As funding for COVID dwindles, some communities have reduced outreach and closed some testing and vaccination sites.
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What's the right vaccine strategy to fight against COVID variants?

Aug 16, 2022
The U.K. is targeting the BA.1 subvariant of omicron while the U.S. is targeting the more recent BA.4 and BA.5 omicron strains.
The U.S. government is purchasing a Moderna COVID booster that targets both the BA.4 and BA.5 omicron subvariants.
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At this point in the pandemic, will there be a market for the Novavax vaccine?

Jun 8, 2022
The anti-COVID shot passes muster with FDA advisers. It was developed with traditional technology, which might boost trust.
Experts recommended that the FDA approve Novavax's new COVID vaccine, which was created with more traditional technology than the methods used by Pfizer and Moderna.
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A New Jersey community pharmacy's vaccine rollout, a year later

Mar 1, 2022
This time last year, Bell Pharmacy was doing everything it could to prepare for COVID-19 vaccines ... without knowing when the doses would arrive.
Tony Minniti, owner of Bell Pharmacy, worked with community groups to bring the vaccine to local residents.
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For public good, not for profit.

WHO plan will help ramp up COVID vaccine production in Africa

Feb 18, 2022
Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Tunisia will have access to mRNA vaccine technology. Is that enough?
While global vaccination rates hover at around 60%, vaccine rates in Africa are just a fraction of that.
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COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 5 could be available soon

Feb 2, 2022
As the number of vaccinated people increases, so does movement in the economy.
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Investors pressure Moderna to broaden global access to vaccine

Dec 28, 2021
The company is under scrutiny over vaccine equity. It received considerable U.S. government help in developing its vaccine.
As the omicron variant spreads, some shareholders of Moderna are criticizing the company, arguing its price for the COVID-19 vaccine is too high for low-income countries.
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