How freaked out are consumers these days?

Mar 17, 2023
Consumer sentiment isn't as gloomy as the failure of Silicon Valley Bank might lead you to expect.
According to a University of Michigan survey, consumer sentiment fell this month. But people seem to be more worried about their grocery bills and dwindling savings than about tremors in the financial system.
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Next week's economic data will tell us a lot

Nov 25, 2022
Reports on inflation, consumer confidence and jobs will be consequential. We asked economists to point out the most important items.
"If consumers were truly, truly worried," says economist Jennifer Lee, discretionary spending on things like restaurant lunches "would be one of the first areas they would cut back on."
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Does declining consumer confidence lead to lower spending?

Jul 26, 2022
The mood worsened for the third straight month, but many Americans have financial cushions.
As the labor market cools, economist Betsey Stevenson predicts consumer spending will too. For some lower-income households, that’s already happening.
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Spending is up, but consumer confidence isn't

Jul 15, 2022
Retail sales rose in June, yet inflation is still a factor in how and where people are willing to spend.
While electronic and appliance sales saw the biggest drop in the last year, spending at bars and restaurants remain strong.
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February was another disappointment for retail sales

Mar 16, 2022
They've been up and down like a bouncing ball for the past few months.
Not adjusting for inflation, retail sales in February were up just 0.3% over January. Factoring in inflation, they were actually down.
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Consumer confidence rises, undeterred by omicron

Dec 22, 2021
Americans are reassured that businesses are still operating. Yet some economic uncertainty lingers.
The spread of the new coronavirus variant hasn't seemed to dampen consumer confidence, which reached 115.8 in December. However, that remains below pre-pandemic levels.
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Dented by the delta variant, consumer confidence now confronts omicron

Nov 30, 2021
Confidence ticked down in November, but so far, each wave of COVID seems to have less of an impact on how consumers feel.
Shoppers stroll in a Houston mall on Black Friday. Though consumer confidence may dip if the omicron variant spreads, higher vaccination rates and a strong job market may help.
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For public good, not for profit.

Our feelings about jobs and the economy have parted ways

Nov 1, 2021
Many people are happy with the job market — higher wages and more openings. Fewer people like where the overall economy is headed.
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Consumers’ confidence, spending less buoyant than their job prospects

Oct 1, 2021
Inflation is eating away at incomes while the delta variant is discouraging consumers from going out and spending.
After accounting for inflation, the August consumer spending and income statistics were unimpressive.
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Jobless claims are upbeat, but consumer confidence is still a wild card

Sep 2, 2021
The delta variant is causing some consumer pullback, and the expiration of pandemic unemployment benefits on Sept. 5 could play a role in spending.
Consumer spending accounts for 70% of the economy.
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