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Some colleges are bringing back the SAT and ACT requirement

Feb 5, 2024
Dartmouth announced that it would once again require the test scores as part of applications after suspending their use in 2020.
ACT's annual revenue dropped from $302 million in 2019 to $241 million in 2020.
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Competing for wealthy students, colleges increasingly admit them early

Oct 31, 2023
For the educational institution, the practice increases certainty around admissions. Critics say it undermines fairness.
Rachel Aveni applied early to New York University, hoping to gain an edge in getting into her dream school.
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Perks of being a legacy student can go beyond the admissions office

Jul 31, 2023
While some colleges are dropping their legacy admissions policy, there are less formal benefits for those with family connections.
Occidental College, a Los Angeles private school, is among the latest institutions to end legacy admissions.
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Wesleyan ditches legacy admissions

Jul 20, 2023
But many schools are expected to hang on to legacy admissions for financial reasons.
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Race-based affirmative action at colleges is over. Now what?

Jun 30, 2023
Some schools might weigh socio-economic status more heavily. Others could consider reducing legacy admits
Colleges are thinking about how they can maintain diverse student populations without race-based affirmative action.
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Automatic college admissions can be a boon to students and schools alike

Aug 15, 2022
More schools are willing to say: If your grades (and maybe test scores) are good enough, you're in!
Some colleges are opting for a direct admissions approach to accepting students — no college applications required.
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Would a new public college campus in California help provide spots for more qualified students?

Mar 31, 2022
There aren't enough seats at 4-year universities for qualified students. How can the state meet the rising demand?
Miranda Evans, special projects manager for the city of Chula Vista, stands on the site that the city has designated for a university or group of universities.
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For public good, not for profit.

The college test prep industry is changing, as more and more schools make the tests optional

Jan 27, 2022
Some students looking for merit aid and other scholarships still seek tutoring and other help to prepare.
Tests are becoming less of a factor in the college admissions process.
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The SAT is going digital

Jan 25, 2022
Test prep has been a lucrative part of the college admissions business for decades. That might be changing.
The College Board announced that the SAT is going digital for good.

Admission by lottery: A proposal to reimagine college acceptance

Jul 2, 2021
Harvard's Michael Sandel says a lottery conveys "what is true in any case: that luck matters as much as effort in admission."
"College is not the engine of upward mobility we assume it to be," says Harvard professor Michael Sandel. He says a lottery for admissions would change that.
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