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New Google-Adobe font makes Asian scripts consistent, and that's a big deal

Apr 17, 2017
The Noto serif CJK works across Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
Photo courtesy of Adobe

Government panel wary of Chinese investment in U.S.

Nov 17, 2016
A congressional panel advises barring Chinese-owned firms from buying U.S. firms.
A vendor picks up a 100 yuan note above a newspaper featuring a photo of President-elect Donald Trump at a newsstand in Beijing.

Tired of urban life, young Chinese hit the road

Jul 6, 2016
More office workers are quitting their jobs to explore remote corners of their country.
Ye Tong, left, and Lu Cheng, right, have quit their jobs among the office towers of urban China in favor of hitchhiking the backroads of the country’s far west.
Rob Schmitz/Marketplace

Alibaba could become the largest IPO. Ever.

Aug 13, 2014
What's the big deal and how will Alibaba keep shares afloat once trading starts?

Shopping for good financial fortune

Jan 27, 2012
USC professor and East Asian cultural expert Gene Cooper takes us on a money tour of L.A.'s Chinatown, explaining all the trinkets and symbols that foster prosperity.
Lunar New Year cards and red lai see envelopes on display in a store in Los Angeles' Chinatown