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A crisis for caregivers

Dec 30, 2020
Many working parents were already struggling. Then the pandemic hit.
The pandemic has left parents with impossible choices.
Rose Conlon for Marketplace

Mothers overwhelmingly supervise remote learning, poll finds

Oct 15, 2020
It's the latest example of how the pandemic is exacerbating inequality.
Our poll found a stark gender disparity in who was responsible for supervising classes.
Rose Conlon for Marketplace

Child care providers weigh the costs and benefits of reopening

Sep 8, 2020
Texas allowed child care centers to open n May, but the high infection rates and hospitalizations of COVID-19 in Austin this summer made some wary of reopening.
Around 30% of child care centers in the state of Texas are closed and in danger of not being able to reopen, according a policy associate for Texans Care for Children.
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Home child care workers unionize in California

Jul 29, 2020
Workers hope to strengthen an industry that has become even more precarious.
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Child care costs could be a major issue in the presidential campaign

Jul 22, 2020
For many Americans, the child care system has always been a financial burden.
Biden pledged to provide emergency child-care funding to state, local and tribal governments to help them through the pandemic.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Can you care for your kids while working from home?

Florida State University has amended its policy, saying employees while on the clock at home can't also be caring for their children.
Florida State University employees won’t be allowed to watch their kids while working because public schools in the county are scheduled to open.
Mladen Sladojevic via Getty Images

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Child care, an industry struggling even before COVID-19, now in dire need

Jun 24, 2020
About 350,000 child care workers are currently out of a job.
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

Do parents still pay when daycare is closed for weeks, or months, because of COVID-19?

Mar 30, 2020
With many daycares facing extended closures because of COVID-19, parents and child care providers alike are grappling with that question.
Across the country, schools and daycares are closed to help slow the spread of the COVID-19.
John Moore/Getty Images

In search of child care solutions, startups turn to home providers

Dec 2, 2019
Demand for child care is high and in some places, there are shortages. A number of startups believe the answer lies in in-home child care.
Tricia Shields organizes toys at the in-home child care center she just started in Parker, Colorado.
Rae Ellen Bichell/Mountain West News Bureau