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"Schrodinger's declaration of independence" in Spain

Oct 11, 2017
Spanish businesses are confused after the latest developments in Catalonia.
Catalan regional government president Carles Puigdemont signs a document about the independence of Catalonia at the Catalan regional parliament in Barcelona on October 10, 2017. Catalonia's leader Carles Puigdemont said Tuesday he accepted the "mandate of the people" for the region to become "an independent republic," but proposed suspending its immediate implementation to allow for dialogue.

Catalans voted to separate from Spain. Now what?

Oct 2, 2017
Ninety percent of the nearly 2.5 million votes were in favor of independence.
A man waving a pro-independence flag near a polling station in Barcelona.
Pau Barrena/Getty Images

The big reason Catalonia wants to secede may be economic: it's one of the richest regions in Spain

Sep 29, 2017
With a GDP of 266 billion euros, economists say Catalonia could be economically viable without Spain if it secedes in its Oct. independence referendum.
Merchandise stands have popped up all over Barcelona, selling everything from T-shirts to banners that say "Sí" for a "Yes" vote. The region is preparing for an independence referendum on Oct. 1 to secede from Spain, a move that the central government has declared illegal. 
Lucia Benavides/ for Marketplace

Catalonia's regional vote sparks concerns across Spain

Sep 25, 2015
Elections Sunday in the prosperous region could trigger a political crisis.

Catalonia prepares for crucial vote Sunday

Sep 24, 2015
Some candidates want independence from Spain.

In Northern Spain, hard times stir separatist feelings

Oct 16, 2012
In the Northern Spanish region of Catalonia, many say they would be better to go it alone. This rich region puts more into the central government than it gets out and Catalans are starting to resent this.

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