Flow of political money may continue in Massachusetts

by Marketplace Contributor Dec 17, 2012
With U.S. Sen. John Kerry on the short list to become Secretary of State, Massachusetts could be in line for its third U.S. Senate election in just more than two years. It's meant big bucks spent in advertising.

Election donors already looking ahead to next campaigns

by David Gura Nov 20, 2012
It has been two weeks since the election, and the big number we're going to focus on is: $6 billion. That's how much money was spent on the 2012 campaign... And a lot of that money came from big donors.
Campaign Trail

So what can $6 billion buy you?

by David Gura Nov 5, 2012
The price of this year's campaign spending is what Americans spend every year renting DVDs.
Campaign Trail

Candidates poised to tap general election money

by , and Aug 24, 2012
Federal law has kept money raised for the general election off limits until Mitt Romney and Barack Obama become official nominees.
Campaign Finance

Attack ads fly on the prairie

by Rachael Marcus Aug 17, 2012
Crossroads GPS hits North Dakota's Heitkamp with the second round of ads in as many weeks
Campaign Trail

Romney, Obama focus one-quarter of spending in one state

by Shannon Mullen Jun 18, 2012
And, no, it's not Ohio. Would you believe... Massachusetts?
Campaign Trail

Presidential candidates likely to pass on public money

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Apr 13, 2012
This year's presidential race could be the most expensive ever, and neither President Obama nor his presumed opponent Mitt Romney are expected to accept public financing of their campaigns -- it just wouldn't be enough.

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Mitt Romney recalibrates campaign for longer haul

by Eve Troeh Mar 16, 2012
The GOP presidential candidate is looking at having to raise more money to fight off rivals with staying power.
GOP Contenders

In Illinois, Santorum battles for voters -- and money

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Mar 15, 2012
A lack of campaign cash could cost the presidential candidate in Illinois' primary next week.
Campaign Trail

Where do campaign donations go?

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Feb 20, 2012
Wealthy donors who contribute to political campaigns get lots of media attention -- but not nearly as much attention is paid to how that money gets spent.

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