What motivates companies to replace workers with machines?

May 30, 2024
A labor shortage in manufacturing seems to be tempting them.
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Some small businesses are squeezed between rising costs and customers with other options

Apr 18, 2024
For restaurants and retailers in particular, it can lead to something the Federal Reserve's Beige Book calls "lumpy" pricing.
Restaurants and retailers don’t necessarily have to raise prices to protect their profit margins, says Adrienne Slack at the Atlanta Fed. They can also save money by cutting back.
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The Fed's Beige Book offers a more colorful look behind the stats

Mar 7, 2024
The latest edition includes comments from community bankers, real estate brokers, farm-implement suppliers—you name it.
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As the labor market loosens, workers may be more willing to work nights and weekends

Oct 20, 2023
They may find it attractive to earn money while others are playing.
"People are reconsidering their income needs and maybe could find ways to time their classes, time their childcare, to what the employers are offering," said Penn State Abington economics professor Lonnie Golden.
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The Federal Reserve's Beige Book adds color to economic data

Apr 18, 2023
The influential update, also known as the Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions, comes out Wednesday.
Through interviews and surveys, the Beige Book tries to create a current snapshot of the economy.
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Business loans offer clues to where the economy is recovering

Sep 9, 2022
That's one takeaway from the latest Beige Book, a snapshot of the economy from the 12 Federal Reserve banks around the country.
Some regional Federal Reserve bank districts reported slowed lending in commercial real estate.
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Fed's Beige Book in focus as conversation about diversity continues

Jul 7, 2020
Many are questioning just how inclusive and diverse one of the Fed's regular reports on the economy is.
One criticism of the Federal Reserve's Beige Book is that it focuses on business owners and leaves out consumers.
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For public good, not for profit.

In a strong job market, some fed up workers are "ghosting" their employers

Dec 14, 2018
So many workers are disappearing without even a text message that they've caught the Fed's attention.
Commuters wait for trains at the Metro North Station in Greenwich, Connecticut.

It's that time again: the Fed's Beige Book is out

Jul 13, 2016
Fun anecdotes for economy nerds
What was she thinking when she read through it? 
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