Ad spending is climbing, thanks to tireless consumers — and artificial intelligence

Jun 11, 2024
AI promises to improve ad targeting. It can also generate content tailored to individuals.
Artificial intelligence could inform more than 94% of ad spending before the end of the decade, a GroupM report says.
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How much did that political ad cost? It depends on who's paying for it.

Sep 21, 2023
As competition for ad space heats up, price rules help candidates but force outside groups to pay big.
Regulations governing political ad spending make it cheaper for campaigns to air TV ads and more costly for outside organizations.
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Will big tech platforms feel a dip in ad spending?

Jul 25, 2023
Less spending by crypto and quick-delivery companies has been partially offset by more spending by pharmaceutical firms, carmakers and food and beverage companies.
Big tech companies like Alphabet and Meta may be impacted by the decline in ad spending.
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As our online behavior changes, companies spend less ad money on Google and Meta

Jan 4, 2023
Part of the reason: Social media platforms like TikTok are changing the way we shop online.
While Google is still a big part of the ad business, people are turning to sites like Amazon "as a product search engine instead," said Sucharita Kodali, a retail analyst at Forrester.
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Social media platforms are adapting to compete with TikTok. Are their efforts working?

The competition with TikTok may be less about dethroning the app and more about becoming its replacement, says Axios reporter Sara Fischer.
The TikTok logo is displayed outside a TikTok office on Aug. 27, 2020 in Culver City, California.
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Team Trump unleashes its first TV ad

Aug 19, 2016
But political spending on air time isn't nearly what stations expected.
Trump speaking at a rally in Florida.