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Why high yields on Treasury notes should worry you

Sep 20, 2022
Higher yields on government bonds mean the interest rate you pay for pretty much everything also climbs.
LPETTET/Getty Images

Rates on Treasury notes just went up. So will the cost of federal student loans.

May 11, 2022
Interest on new federal student loans is based on the 10-year Treasury yield. The pause on repayments will end Aug. 31.
Federal student loans will be getting more expensive as interest rates rise.
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This important interest rate has bounced back to its pre-pandemic level. That's good news.

Feb 7, 2022
The market that sets the rate for the 10-year T-Note is betting that growth will continue and inflation won't last.
The 10 year T-note is nearly back to pre-pandemic numbers.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images