What to make of a good (not great) jobs report
Sep 4, 2020

What to make of a good (not great) jobs report

Plus: home refinancing, Campbell's soup and the life of a children's entertainer in the age of Zoom birthday parties.

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The good news? The economy added 1.4 million jobs in August. The bad news? The economy only added 1.4 million jobs in August.

Sep 4, 2020
The economy's clawing its way back from historic job losses in the spring, but it's only halfway back to pre-pandemic levels.
A barista making coffee at an Oklahoma cafe. While 1.4 million new jobs were added in August, employment gains are slowing.
Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images

The Weekly Wrap: A good, not great, jobs report

Kai Ryssdal talks to Kate Davidson from the Wall Street Journal and Jeanna Smialek from the New York Times about the August jobs report, record federal budget deficit and interest rates.

Millions of homeowners could still save by refinancing

Sep 4, 2020
The hassle isn't the only thing stopping them.
A residential neighborhood in Las Vegas. Nearly 18 million people could refinance their mortgages at lower rates, a mortgage data firm estimates.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

What's next for Campbell's soup after pandemic sales spike?

Sep 4, 2020
The soup and snack food maker has seen a bounce during lockdown, but it's not clear if the reverse in the company's fortune will extend beyond the pandemic.
Soup has buoyed the Campbell's brand this year, but the company expects sales to drop after a spike during the pandemic.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

“I can do better”

Sep 4, 2020
How 2020 changed this new college grad’s priorities.
Kate Bellino had a plan for 2020. But the coronavirus pandemic, the killing of George Floyd and protests over racial justice changed her priorities.
(Photo by Matt Staver)
Susie Estes and Steve Brown performing as Sammie and Tudie.
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