What does global trade policy have to do with the climate crisis?
Oct 16, 2023

What does global trade policy have to do with the climate crisis?

If new steel had higher tariffs than recycled steel, the climate-friendly choice could build market share. Plus, mortgage broker boredom and drugstore blues.

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"I should have taken up golf": Mortgage lenders have time on their hands

Oct 16, 2023
Vivian Gueler of mortgage lender Pacific Trust Group says business has been "dead quiet" for the past few months.
High mortgage rates are keeping housing supplies low; people don't want to sell homes with lower rates secured earlier in the pandemic.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Rite Aid's bankruptcy reflects how much the corner drugstore has changed

Oct 16, 2023
Corporate mergers and competition from supermarkets, discount clubs and online startups — among other forces — have altered how pharmacies need to do business.
The pharmacy business has seen lots of change in the last few decades.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

For this Michigan business owner, wage hikes are tied to price hikes

Oct 16, 2023
Annie Lang Hartman, owner of Wild Lettie, is planning ahead. And one of her biggest concerns is payroll.
"We're kind of settling into fall, which is a little bit quieter for us," said Annie Lang Hartman of Wild Lettie. Above, the interior of one of her shops.
Courtesy Lang Hartman

Most U.S. households will spend less on heating this winter, agency says

Oct 16, 2023
It's good news for natural gas users, but a less positive outlook for heating oil consumers and low-income households.
Natural gas prices should be down this winter, but the biggest variable is temperature, says Joe DeCarolis, of the Energy Information Administration.
Getty Images

Tesla sacrifices to stay ahead of rivals in EV race

Oct 16, 2023
For the first time, the electric vehicle maker's market share is under 50%.
Tesla reduced prices in the past year, putting roadblocks in the path of traditional carmakers competing in electric vehicles. Tesla's upcoming quarterly results may show whether its revenue has suffered.
John Keeble/Getty Images

Higher tariffs may be bad for trade, but good for the environment

Oct 16, 2023
Recent research finds that higher tariffs on dirtier imports could reduce carbon emissions.
Steel production in the U.S. is a lot cleaner now than before the 1970s, thanks to the use of more energy-efficient electric arc furnaces. Above, a steel plant in Pennsylvania.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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