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Undergrad workers unionize
Nov 6, 2023

Undergrad workers unionize

We'll talk to student workers who are fighting for better pay and working conditions. Plus, Starbucks' expansion plans and the state of bank lending.

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Loan delinquencies are low, lenders say, but payments are later

Nov 6, 2023
The Federal Reserve’s Senior Loan Officer survey found that loan standards are tightening. Borrowers are mostly keeping up, though.
Although the lending environment is getting tighter overall, banks aren't reporting a significant rise in loan payment delinquencies.
Getty Images

Starbucks is betting there aren't enough Starbucks

Nov 6, 2023
The beverage chain has a plan to grow to 55,000 locations globally, including some that specialize in drive-thru and delivery.
Starbucks plans to open more locations focused solely on delivery and drive-thru.

Do the latest job numbers point to a coming recession?

Nov 6, 2023
The number of new jobs created each month has been trending down for the past year — but there is also a good amount of positive data in the latest report.
Overall, the number of new jobs created each month has been chaotic but generally trending down for 12 months.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Feeling burnt out from COVID-19, one nurse turned to chainsaw art

Nov 6, 2023
"I got that first chainsaw and, I don't know, I just felt right at home," says Taylor White, a chainsaw carver in Maine.
One of White's most recent projects was a 10-foot-tall grizzly bear carving.
Courtesy Taylor White

Campus labor activism spreads to undergrads

Nov 6, 2023
And those students are likely to take their engagement beyond the academy.
Undergraduate workers, from resident advisers to campus radio managers, are seeking to unionize, joining a wave of labor activism at colleges. Above, Harvard Yard.
Scott Eisen/Getty Images

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