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The “slow burn” phase of the banking crisis
Aug 8, 2023

The “slow burn” phase of the banking crisis

Moody's reduced the credit ratings of several regional banks, suggesting the sector's woes aren't over. Plus, the business impact of the Teamsters deal with UPS.

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Regional banks' problems enter the "slow burn" phase

Aug 8, 2023
Moody's downgraded the credit ratings of several regional banks this week, citing rising costs and the troubled commercial real estate sector.
Moody's credit downgrades suggest that many of the problems that emerged with this year's bank failures haven’t gone away.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Some trucking companies in California are trying EVs, eyeing a state mandate down the road

Aug 8, 2023
In April, the state's Air Resources Board adopted a new mandate that would require companies with fleets of 50 or more trucks to start transitioning to electric vehicles.
Edwin Buenrostro is one of Quality Custom Distribution's first drivers behind the wheel of an electric truck. He delivers to Starbucks locations across Fontana.
Erin Stone/LAist

China's exports are falling, and that's a bad sign for the global economy

Aug 8, 2023
China is the world’s top exporter, and its trade data is a barometer for consumer spending around the world.
China’s exports fell 14.5% in July from a year earlier, the biggest decline since the start of the pandemic. Above, a port in China's eastern Jiangsu province.
STR/AFP via Getty Images

Debunking the myth of the male hunter

Aug 8, 2023
An anthropologist found evidence of women hunting in nearly 80% of societies studied.
"Being flexible is your evolved purpose in life. That is what humans do," said anthropologist Cara Wall-Scheffler. Above, cave drawings of a hunting scene in what is now Libya.
Taha Jawashi/AFP via Getty Images

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