Silicon Valley Bank collapsed … now what?
Mar 13, 2023

Silicon Valley Bank collapsed … now what?

On today's show, we'll feature special coverage of how the markets, Washington, the financial industry and consumers are all responding.

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Is this a bailout or a rescue? Is this a repeat of 2008?

Kai Ryssdal chats with Sudeep Reddy, senior managing editor at Politico, about the current mood in the markets as regulators step in to shore up the banking sector and access to credit.

Bank rules rollback contributed to SVB's failure, critics say

Mar 13, 2023
The rollback of Dodd-Frank reforms exempted many of the country's largest banks from stricter regulations put in place after 2008.
Customers line up to retrieve funds from a Silicon Valley Bank in Santa Clara, California, on Monday. President Joe Biden partially blamed the rollback of Dodd-Frank banking regulations for SVB's failure.
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Regulators designated SVB and Signature Bank as systemic risks. But are they really?

Mar 13, 2023
The collapsed banks were granted a "systemic risk exception," which means the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. can guarantee uninsured deposits.
Though Silicon Valley Bank had assets of $209 billion, some economists question whether its failure presented "systemic risk" to the banking system or the economy.
Noah Berger/AFP via Getty Images

Bank failures add another dose of anxiety to uncertain economy

Mar 13, 2023
Viral terms like "bank run" do not help when we're already looking at high prices, rising interest rates and big layoffs in tech.
People line up outside a Silicon Valley Bank office in Santa Clara, California, on Monday. Worries were stoked by widespread news of bank failures, and some people received alarming emails from vendors associated with SVB.
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Banks will pay the cost of SVB's collapse, and maybe that's "how it should be"

Mar 13, 2023
As the government moved to backstop depositors affected by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, surviving banks will end up footing the costs, says Laurie Stewart at Sound Community Bank in Seattle.
The federal government announced it would ensure that depositors affected by Silicon Valley Bank's collapse would be made whole. "I'm really happy for them," said Laurie Stewart. "But here's the thing: we're gonna pay for it. Banks are going to pay for it."
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

"Like a huge weight was lifted": A couple of days that felt like a couple of years

Nadiine El-Ashkar had all her small business had money in Silicon Valley Bank. We first met her on Friday when the bank was shut down and we’ll hear how the past several days have been for her.

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