Pipeline companies are trying to avoid regulation, despite major hack
May 17, 2021

Pipeline companies are trying to avoid regulation, despite major hack

Also on today's show: AT&T is merging media operations with Discovery, public transit tries to lure riders back and a conversation about internet access with the acting chair of the Federal Communications Commission.

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Pipeline firms seek to avoid cybersecurity mandates, despite Colonial hack

May 17, 2021
Companies don’t need to share information on outages with the government or others in the industry.
Electric power companies and airlines are required to report cybersecurity threats to the government. Why are pipeline companies exempt?
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

AT&T and Discovery to form new media company

May 17, 2021
Bulking up will likely help the companies lure new subscribers and compete with Netflix and Disney.
Will the combined group be able to persuade consumers to sign up for yet another streaming service?
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

How public transit systems can lure riders back

May 17, 2021
Public perception is one of the biggest hurdles in regaining ridership.
The CDC says everyone should still where masks on public transit.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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