Part of the deficit: Federal Reserve interest costs
Oct 24, 2023

Part of the deficit: Federal Reserve interest costs

Right now, the Federal Reserve is spending more than it makes on the securities it holds. Plus, school supper and a sneaker store slump.

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As weather gets less predictable, hydropower dams look to new forecasting techniques

Oct 24, 2023
"Forecast-informed reservoir operations" may help planners deal more effectively with flood or drought conditions.
Dams were built during a much different climate regime from the conditions we're experiencing and expecting. Operators of the facilities are seeking ways to adapt.
Lars Hagberg/AFP via Getty Images

Federal Reserve losses contribute to federal deficit

Oct 24, 2023
When the central bank makes money, it hands it to the Treasury. But now it's losing money as it pays interest to banks on their deposits.
The Fed is, among other things, a bank for banks, and it pays interest to those banks. Those interest rates have gone up. Above, the Eccles building, which houses Fed governors' offices.
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Entrepreneurship can narrow the gender pay gap, but it's not a perfect solution.

Oct 24, 2023
Three women entrepreneurs talk about their experiences starting their own businesses, and whether it helped them get better pay and flexibility.
For some women, running their own business can give them more flexibility to care for kids or spend time with family. But it's still an imperfect solution to the gender pay gap.
Cicy/Getty Images

Change may come to H-1B visa program, which opens doors for tech workers

Oct 24, 2023
Many more people — and companies — want H-1Bs than the number available. Proposed changes would make it harder to game the system.
Some companies have been submitting multiple H-1B visa applications for the same person.
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Inflation, staff shortages mean fewer kids are participating in after-school meal programs

Oct 24, 2023
The federal government has also restricted eligibility after opening it early in the pandemic.
It’s been hard to find staff for after-school programs where the meals are served, says Clarissa Hayes, the primary author of the report from the Food Research & Action Center.
Jon Cherry/Getty Images

A Tulsa sneaker store deals with a down market

Oct 24, 2023
"There are opportunities in down markets," said owner Venita Cooper, whose entrepreneurial abilities could help her tackle the challenge.
"I love sneakers, but I also just really love markets," said Venita Cooper of Silhouette Sneakers & Art. "And there are opportunities to be had in down markets."
Ed Jones/AFP via Getty Images

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