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Marketplace for Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A group of investors including Magic Johnson bid more than $2 billion for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Highway Bill expires on Saturday and if Congress doesn't act, construction projects will start to shut down. Commentator Todd Buchholz says the "Boomerang generation" doesn't take as much risk as it did in the old days -- and that's not good for the economy. And we hear how robots are taking over jobs in the supermarket.  

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A year after the war that dislodged Muammar Gaddafi began, Libya finds itself in the political doldrums. North Africa expert Geoff Porter discusses the difference between chaos and anarchy in the Sahara.
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Musician Brad Hoshaw offered his thoughts on an issue important to him this election year -- the health care law -- in a new song.
Brad Hoshaw

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