Manufacturing is down in the dumps, but things may be looking up
Aug 24, 2023

Manufacturing is down in the dumps, but things may be looking up

Manufacturing businesses are adapting to a changing economy and heartened by government investment. Plus, a salesman is starry-eyed about a bug-eyed car.

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Some U.S. manufacturers find reasons to be cheerful about their prospects

Aug 24, 2023
Manufacturing has been weak for a while. But companies are optimistic about government investment and a future uptick in demand.
The Biden administration is investing in domestic industries it sees as strategically important, like clean energy. Above, wind turbine blades in a storage lot.
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

When one company dominates a market, there can be downsides

Aug 24, 2023
Chipmaker Nvidia is the breakout sensation of the AI boom. But supply chain snarls have taught us the risks of having few sources.
Nvidia designs about 80% of the specialized chips needed to train complex artificial intelligence models. It makes a single-source product that's fabricated by only one company.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

School districts face tough choices as the end of federal pandemic funding nears

Aug 24, 2023
Districts have been using the funds to renovate HVAC systems, hire staff and more. Now, some may need to cut program and jobs.
School leaders are anticipating job cuts as federal pandemic funding ends, a recent survey from the School Superintendents Association finds.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Nielsen's agreement to use Amazon viewer data in football ratings is a first

Aug 24, 2023
Streaming services changed the way people watched TV. Now they're changing the way ratings agencies like Nielsen count viewers.
As streaming becomes an increasingly popular way to watch shows like "Thursday Night Football," it's changing the way ratings data is collected and shared with advertisers.
Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Tradle brings Wordle-style game to global exports

Aug 24, 2023
Can you figure out what country exports, say, both crude oil and leather footwear? Gilberto García-Vazquez of Datawheel explains the game.
A screenshot of Thursday's Tradle. Which country is it?
Tradle/Observatory of Economic Complexity

Classic car entrepreneur brings British sports cars into the 21st century

Aug 24, 2023
An unpopular British sports car from the mid-20th century finds new life with American classic car enthusiasts.
An Austin-Healey "Bugeye" Sprite sporting its smiley face front, formed by the grille and headlights. The Bugeyeguys dealership caters to fans of the vintage car's style.
Leafar via Wikimedia Commons

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