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If U.S. workers had 4 weeks of paid family leave, would they use it?
Oct 26, 2021

If U.S. workers had 4 weeks of paid family leave, would they use it?

Also: How Evergrande investors in China are faring, what the pandemic's legacy on the housing market will be and what to make of corporate pledges.

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The pandemic has changed the housing market in more ways than one

Oct 26, 2021
Pricing may cool down, but the pandemic will likely permanently change the way we buy homes.
A townhouse for sale is seen in Brooklyn, New York in October 2020. Homebuyers may see things like virtual tours and staging long after the pandemic.
Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Paid family leave would be a paradigm shift for many workers

Oct 26, 2021
Even when the benefit is available, many Americans hesitate to use it. It's included in the Democrats' social-spending bill.
Though the Democrats' paid family leave proposal has been reduced from 12 weeks to four, it would still be a major change for Americans.
hobo_018 via Getty Images

Evergrande investors in China are worried but holding on

Oct 26, 2021
Evergrande is among the three biggest property developers in China and it seems to have the backing of the Chinese communist party.
Evergrande founder Xu Jiayin overlooking China's communist party 100th birthday celebrations on Beijing's Tiananmen square. This photo was widely circulated in China's business press and boosted the perception that Evergrande is too big to fail.
Screenshot of Sina

"Look for actions" from companies, not just green pledges, experts say

Oct 26, 2021
What will make meaningful progress toward climate goals? Corporations changing how they do business and making tangible investments.
Car rental company Hertz announced Monday it's purchasing 100,000 Teslas.
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Why more companies are hiring heads of remote work

Oct 26, 2021
It's about company culture, performance management and lots of logistics.
With many companies embracing work-from-home or hybrid models, some are creating leadership positions to focus on the transition.
visualspace via Getty Images

A real-life real estate horror story

Oct 26, 2021
Ursula Vernon, an illustrator and horror writer, recounts what it was like purchasing a home for her mother during a pandemic.
Author and illustrator Ursula Vernon hoped buying this farmhouse for her mother would be a straightforward process. It wasn’t.
Courtesy Ursula Vernon

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