How water moves — or stalls — the economy
Oct 18, 2023

How water moves — or stalls — the economy

We've got three stories about how water moves — or stalls — the economy. Plus, why homebuilding is so expensive right now.

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America needs more houses, but homebuilders are hobbled by high interest rates

Oct 18, 2023
The number of completed homes rose last month. But further up the housing pipeline, homebuilders are starting fewer projects right now.
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With many water workers nearing retirement, utilities seek a younger workforce

Oct 18, 2023
In Texas, for instance, a new law licenses high school students for jobs monitoring and treating drinking water and wastewater.
The water workforce problem has led utilities to recruit young people for training in water and wastewater management.
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How smaller companies are dealing with rising insurance costs for their workers

Oct 18, 2023
Annual family premiums for employer coverage went up an average of 7% this year, according to a survey out today from KFF.
Family premiums went up an average of 7% this year, to around $24,000, according to a survey from KFF.
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Panama drought makes canal passage "quite the challenge," customs broker says

Oct 18, 2023
Low water levels in the Panama Canal are forcing a customs broker in Pennsylvania to reroute cargo so it's deliver on time.
Low water levels in the Panama canal are affecting shipping costs globally.
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LinkedIn's "wholesome" vibe could be making it popular with teens

Oct 18, 2023
In addition to getting career boosts, young people like the platform for its positive tone, says journalist Anya Kamenetz.
"I got responses from, like, 65 teenagers," says journalist Anya Kamenetz. "And I just was so surprised to see LinkedIn coming up again and again."
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