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How pandemic grief is rippling into the economy
Dec 29, 2021

How pandemic grief is rippling into the economy

Plus: How omicron is shifting New Year's resolutions and a look at the real cost of holiday shopping returns.

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Retailers grapple with returns as online sales surge

Dec 29, 2021
Optoro, which manages returns for Target and Ikea, says consumers will send back $120 billion worth of goods this season.
Consumers will return $120 billion worth of products between Thanksgiving and the end of January, according to Optoro. Above, a UPS package handler loads a truck.
Jon Cherry via Getty Images

The economics of New Year's resolutions in the time of omicron

Dec 29, 2021
“Fresh starts” are planned annually, but this year, COVID-19 is helping to shape the resolutions people make.
As the pandemic stretches into its third year, New Year's resolutions may have to be more flexible.
Cn0ra via Getty Images

We're still grieving the economy we've lost, whether we realize it or not

Dec 29, 2021
Admitting when we're not OK is the first step in helping ourselves, psychotherapist Megan Devine says.
An aerial view of "In America: Remember," a public art installation commemorating Americans who died of COVID-19. Many grief counselors and clinicians have been overwhelmed trying to address grief at this scale.
Al Drago/Getty Images

As COVID surges again, consumers and workers are worn out but resilient

Dec 29, 2021
Pandemic-related negativity and fear isn't leading to negative or fearful economic behavior.
American workers are feeling burned out as they enter year three of COVID-19. They also have newfound leverage.
PeopleImages via Getty Images

California is reshaping Medicaid to bring new health services to families

Dec 29, 2021
Community health workers present at doctor’s appointments can help parents navigate food, sleep, behavior and child development.
Developmental specialist Bella Lopez reads with 2-year-old Oliver Humphrey. She said the kids are often excited to see her at the doctor's office, in part because she's not the one giving shots.
Mariana Dale

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